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Look at the above snapshot, user 'akki' is created with sudo command. sudo su - By default, some Linux systems like Ubuntu, don't have a password set for root user. It means you can't login as root user. To perform root like task, a user is given all sudo rights via etc/sudoers. All the users that are members of the admin group can use sudo ...

When you run sudo su the sudo command masks the effects of the su and so much of the environment that you'd get from a regular su is lost. Sudo is doing its job and providing a limited and protected environment regardless of whether it's sudo su or sudo -i. Example. Here's the result of the sudo su environment being dumped:

Linux - 太極 su - username -c 'command' sudo su - # switch to root account whoami sudo su - -c "R -q -e \"install.packages('mypackage', repos='')\" # OR sudo su -c "Command_Require_ROOT_Access" # OR sudo "Command_Require_ROOT… What Is The Difference Between Sudo And Su In Linux? A Linux user comes across sudo and su in terminal very often. If you are a new Linux user, you might be fascinated by the things you can do with sudo and su. How To Use 'Sudo' And 'Su' Commands In Linux : An Introduction - Above we have seen 'su' having similar functionality as sudo and it's time to see how we can do same with the command 'sudo' and achieve same 'su' functionality. To achieve same 'su' functionality in 'sudo' just use '-i' option of 'sudo'.

“-bash: sudo: command not found” Error and Solution For Linux… In some cases we can get an error like -bash:sudo:command not found which means sudo is not installed. In this tutorial we will look different ways and distributions to solve this problem. Using the Sudo Command Get the scoop on the versatility of using Sudo to run Linux commands as another user or administrator. Linux visudo command help and examples Linux visudo command help and information with visudo examples, syntax, related commands, and how to use the visudo command from the command line.

linux - how to deny "sudo su" - Server Fault In order to properly avoid this you must take a different approach. If you disallow sudo su I can still run sudo -u root /bin/sh if you disallow this I will write a small wrapper script and execute this... The only way to solve this is to only allow the needed commands. Linux 101: Introduction to sudo - There are two ways to run administrative applications in Linux. You can either switch to the super user (root) with the su command, or you can take advantage of sudo. How you do this will depend upon which distribution you use. Linux_Raj | Superuser | Sudo

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sudo command works in conjunction with security policies, default security policy is sudoers and it is Sudo command in Linux - JournalDev Home » UNIX/Linux » Sudo command in Linux. Sudo is one of the most widely used commands by Linux administrators and beginners alike. Команда sudo в Linux | Losst В Linux такой возможности нет, но зато есть команда sudo, которая позволяет вам запускать программы от имени других пользователей, а также от имени суперпользователя.