This is a playlist with the most viewed songs on Youtube. I made the playlist for myself, just for fun ^_^ . If u think that a video is missing, then just say it to me ;-) .

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos (with Pictures)

11.02.2019 · Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song)

With figures like these, it comes as little surprise that the majority of the most popular videos on YouTube are music videos. Since 2010, all the most-viewed videos on YouTube have been music ... Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube of All Time Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Videos in 2018 You may have expected this, but the majority of the most popular YouTube videos are actually music videos. Most, but not all. Here's our list based on the latest statistics about most viewed youtube video ever available right now. Most Viewed YouTube Videos: These Are The 20 Most Watched ... In addition to the Top 20 most watched YouTube videos, The Chainsmokers and Halsey's “Closer” comes in at the #21 spot with more than 2.03 billion views Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos 2018 (Newly Updated) Now, let’s enjoy the top 10 most viewed YouTube video right now! 1. Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee. Despacito is a single by Luis Fronsi, released in 2017. Three months later after its publishing, the official video became the best YouTube music video and it is the first video to hit 4 billion views on YouTube.

The 25 Most-Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time: August 2018 YouTube tends to be perceived as the domain of insipid vloggers, pranks gone awry, and TV clips. But the truth is, the most popular videos on the site are overwhelmingly music videos. Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time - Thrillist 12.11.2018 · 11. Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud" Views: 2.53 billion Ed Sheeran, the shape-shifting, Hooters-loving Irishman who's wormed his way to the top of the charts, is a force in the music video ... Most Viewed Songs On Youtube - YouTube

11.02.2019 · Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song) 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of All-Time - … Indeed the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos of all-time are all music videos, with the most viewed non-music content only coming in at 16th overall Charlie bit my finger again ! … Fastest viral video views in 24 hrs 2019 | Statista In April 2019, South Korean boy band BTS broke the record for the fastest viral music video by generating 74.6 million views within 24 hours, with their new music video "Boy with Luv”. List of most-viewed online videos in the first 24 …

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20 of the Most Viewed YouTube Videos of all Time [Updated 2019] It should be no surprise, therefore, that the most watched videos of all time on YouTube are predominantly music videos. Most subscribed channels on the other hand are predominantly gaming channels. This post looks at the 20 most viewed YouTube videos of all time. 14 of these videos are music videos. If we were to widen our scope to cover the ... List of most-viewed YouTube videos - Wikipedia In fact, since Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance", every video that has reached the top of the "most-viewed YouTube videos" list has been a music video. Although some of the previously most-viewed videos are no longer listed on the site, reaching the top of the list is still considered a tremendous feat. The Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time | Digital Trends After more than a decade of streaming videos, YouTube has built up trillions of views across billions of videos. The streaming behemoth hosts the vast majority of the most watched content ever ...