WhatsApp has grown to become one of the most popular messaging apps available for Android. Here are some tips and tricks for making the best use of this app.

We explained how to backup WhatsApp chat on Google Drive, and now there is another way to backup WhatsApp chat as text file.It is for the users who wish to save their chat history in a text file for using it further on a desktop PC. To export the chat in a text file you have sent the chat backup...

Saved Android WhatsApp Chat History on computer with Backuptrans Android WhatsAppAdditionally, you can also choose to restore all WhatsApp chats history or just restore messagesStep 3: View Android WhatsApp Chat History on software Now the software will read all current...

Now a days, we use WhatsApp to exchange chat, messages, pictures, audios, videos, location and much more from our iPhone. But what if your iPhone gets lost or damaged or you simply wants to copy WhatsApp chat messages to computer. How to export a WhatsApp Chat: Complete guide for Android ... If you think about it, it is very likely that you have at least on chat that means a lot to you and that you’d rather keep forever. That’s why in this guide we show you how to a save a WhatsApp chat from your iOS iPhone or Android to your computer or email. This guide covers: The different options for exporting your WhatsApp chat How To Completely Backup WhatsApp Chats, Contacts And ... In this article, we shall go through some useful ways to backup WhatsApp chats as well as contacts and restore them later. There is the option to send our WhatsApp chat history via email as .txt file i.e. backup WhatsApp messages and export them.

Find out how to recover deleted WhatsApp chat messages directly from your iPhone, iTunes backup or iCloud, within minutes, following our quick and simple tutorials. Digital Parenting & Employee Monitoring Features of TheOneSpy… TheOneSpy’s monitoring software features for digital parenting, children and employees monitoring. Location tracking, call tracker, sms and chat conversation control for parents and employers. World News Latest headlines from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, Video, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. WhatsApp Backup Chat - WhatsApp Delete होने पर भी Safe रहेंगे… WhatsApp Backup Chat,How to Stop a WhatsApp Backup, How to Restore WhatsApp Backup without Uninstalling, How to Restore WhatsApp Backup

How to delete Whatsapp chat in Android phones | TechByteX Here are few methods through which you can easily delete you whatsapp chat history and messages from your android device. How to delete a chat from WhatsApp,Call:045864031 UAE… From time to time it may be useful to clean up your account and delete a chat from WhatsApp or even empty all conversations WhatsApp Messenger New Version 2.19.311 APK Download - ApkTall

How To Completely Backup WhatsApp Chats, Contacts And Restore Them Later? The cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. We are able to stay in touch with near and distant friends, relatives, etc. through free communication over the internet medium.

WhatsApp is a very useful app that allows you to send or receive messages, share videos and photos and have fun chatting with your friends in groups.It is a very useful feature as you can see your chat anytime when needed. However, sometimes you may want to delete WhatsApp chat history on... How to Backup WhatsApp Chat Log From iPhone to PC -… Do you have important WhatsApp chats that you want to save or read without having to press ‘load more’ every, single, time? Or is your WhatsApp starting to slow down because of your bloated (and still growing) chat history and you want to free up some space without losing all those memories inside? How To Restore An Archived Whatsapp Chat Thread Open Whatsapp and go to the Chat thread. Scroll to the very top. Swipe down on the app’s top bar.There are two ways to restore an archived Whatsapp thread. The first is to visit your archived chat (see previous section). Swipe left on the thread you want to restore and tap the ‘Unarchive’ option.