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Во всех iMac 27" 2012-2019 годов установлены обычные desktop-процессоры и их можно заменить на более производительные.

Apple iMac 27'' 5k Retina, 2,12TB Fusion Drive, 32GB RAM…

Apple’s all-in-one desktops are already the best options for media-savvy professionals. However, a new processor and GPU refresh now puts the Apple iMac 2019 leagues ahead of the competition. iMAC - SSD vs. FusionDrive | Community Eine reine SSD im iMac ist nun mal deutlich schneller als ein zusammengebasteltes Fusion Drive. Auf der SSD werden dann das Betriebssystem und alle benötigten Programme gespeichert. Die starten dann immer sehr schnell und sind nicht davon abhängig, welche Daten das Fusion Drive gerade auf der kleinen SSD und nicht auf der HDD gespeichert hat ... 2019 5K iMac - Fusion Drive vs SSD : macgaming 24GB. I will do this outside Apple to save $$ I had a fusion drive on a late 2015 5K iMac (which I'm about to sell for this new one) and the machine became slower after a few years and video editing at 4K was sometimes sluggish... but for gaming I did not notice any issues. I might save up for a 1 or 2 TB SSD. 2TB is +$960 here in Australia.

Fusion Drive Vs SSD - Things Nobody Tells you About Fusion vs SSD ... So, this is how you can find an answer to the Fusion Drive vs SSD war in iMac. Decisions are simple. If you need the best performance, you should go with dedicated SSD. Of course, you need to pay high for the lower storage options. Even then, it makes a lot of sense than going for a mid-performance Fusion Drive. 2019 iMac Fusion drive - am I mad to consider one? | MacRumors Forums A 256 GB SSD is small, it gets full in no time after adding some apps, and you'll be forced to rely on external drives - so I'm not sure the Fusion Drive's lousy 32 GB SSD is really an issue, that is unless you can at least move up in terms of storage options : either the 2 TB Fusion Drive, or a 512 GB SSD (again, Apple's storage option prices ... 2019 iMac Fusion drive - am I mad to consider one? | MacRumors Forums While the SSD is faster in today's iMacs, the 1TB Fusion Drive now has a tiny SSD (32GB) versus the 1TB Fusion in your 2012 iMac. Not that it is a choice, but I would much rather have the slower 2012 1TB Fusion Drive than the faster SSD in the 2019 1TB Fusion Drive. Because the SSD in the 2019 will fill up so quick, it would make it almost useless. How to upgrade iMac 2019 from fusion HDD to SSD (4k) - YouTube

Imac Fusion Drive Vs Ssd 2019 Replacement of fusion drive HD with a higher capacity SSD, on an iMac late 2014. The fusion drive maintains the original SSD ... Apple iMac 27" 2019 - 3.6GHz i9 8 Core - 32GB RAM - 1TB Fusion... Apple Retina iMac 5K 27-inch 3.3GHz Quad Core i5 32GB RAM 2TB Fusion Drive M395. Apple imac 2017 vs 2019 3.8 ГГц 2 ТБ Настраивается на 3 ТБ, накопитель Fusion Drive или 512 ГБ, 1 ТБ или 2 ТБ и SSD. Fusion Drive Vs SSD - Things Nobody Tells you About Fusion vs...

Установка скоростного PCI-e SSD в iMac 27" 2015 года. Апгрейд.

Question: Q: A new 2019 IMAC with the 512MD SSD option (no Fusion Drive), what type of SSD interface does it have, SATA or PCIE I am looking to replace my 2008 IMAC with a MAC mini or a IMAC . A new 2019 IMAC with the 512 SSD option, what type of SSD interface does it have, SATA or PCIE. IMAC 2019 Benchmark Fusion Drive - YouTube Blackmagic Disk Speed test - iMac 5k 2019 ... Boot MacOS Off Fast External NVME SSD on a 2017 iMac - Upgrade Your Fusion Drive - Duration: 15:09. 2019 iMac Fusion drive - am I mad to consider one ... As I posted elsewhere today, based on all the comments (many of them knee-jerk) that I’ve read about Fusion Drives in these forums over the years, my best guess about most of the folks who decry Fusion Drives is that either: They used an iMac with a 1TB Fusion Drive, which has only a 32 GB SSD (24 GB in the 2015 iMac!), or 2019 5K iMac - Five takeaways from an iMac Pro user - 9to5Mac